AirGig design alternative to fiber optics

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AT & T Labs has unveiled a new concept for high-speed internet in urban areas. The AirGig project is meant to be an alternative to fiber optics and provide an internet signal by using power cables. However, without physical contact with them.

In urban areas wireless access to the Internet is not very good. High buildings, trees, disturbances caused by the work of other mechanical devices make the wired network much better. It provides a much more stable connection, but unfortunately it is very expensive because of the need to install fiber optics.

AT & T’s US telecom operator says it has a solution to this problem, which is the AirGig project developed by AT & T Labs engineers. This is a wireless internet delivery system that uses overhead power lines for this purpose, however, without the physical connection to the wires. The system is based on hundreds of small radio transmitters, installed on poles, which will provide internet without cables.

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