Amazon will return the money spent in applications

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Google and Apple a few years ago solved the issue of accidental purchases made in mobile apps by children, without their parents’ knowledge, after they had to pay tens of millions of dollars to their users. Now the same is waiting for the Amazon company, which was forced to do so by court judgment.

One could think that the issue of unauthorized purchases in mobile apps made by children using smartphones for parents has already been resolved. Several years ago, Apple and Google had to return money to their parents without their knowledge, because the developers of mobile operating systems did not adequately protect their software against such situations.

However, it turns out that this issue also neglected Amazon, which also has a digital store with mobile applications. The court ordered the US corporation to return the money to all those who spent it on mobile applications, most often games, paying them for various extras.

The court found that Amazon had to return the money because he had not properly informed his clients of the presence of micropayment systems in their applications. Many people may think that they are completely free, while the information that is different is most often posted in such a way that it was hard to find.

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