Apple refreshes the mouse and keyboard

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Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard are the two most important devices for iMac and iPad support for over six years. By this time, the peripheries were not modernized, despite the fact that technology is moving forward, and Apple has finally decided to take this step, as suggested by documents submitted to the Federal Communications Commission.

It follows from them that both the Magic Mouse 2 and the Wireless Keyboard are waiting for a lot of improvements. Devices are already on the market for years, so it’s high time for Apple users to get hardware that complies with today’s standards.

As the design of these products does not change completely, there will be a lot of change in their designs. Obsolete Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology will be replaced with a newer and more energy efficient version of this Bluetooth 4.2. The power will also be modified and the manufacturer will remove the AA batteries that users have to replace themselves with, replacing them with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

On the keyboard, we can expect additional keys to access specific features or iPad applications. The mouse will receive support for Force Touch technology.

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