Audi jeep ready to travel to the moon

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Audi, known for its luxury car production, will soon help with scientific research. A rover built by her engineers will head to the Moon at the end of next year.

At the beginning of last year, Audi, together with a team of Part-Time Scientists, started work on a new moon jeep. The vehicle designed by Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition has just been completed and about a year ahead of its first mission.

The Jeep will fly to the Moon where it will be delivered with Spaceflight Inc.’s Rocket. And will investigate the surface of the Silver Globe, providing scientists with valuable data.

The vehicle has been specially designed for this type of task, and on board it has many technologies from the Ingolstadt Group factories. It is equipped with a set of batteries used in electric vehicles of the e-tron family as well as smart driving technologies.

When the rover reaches the Moon, with four cameras, it will be able to explore objects and take pictures in 3D and 360 degrees. It will be delivered there by the lander ALINA. There are two copies of this rover on board, in case one of them fails.

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