Leakage of Origin data

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US companies are not adequately protected against hacker attacks, which makes practically every moment we hear another intrusion that results in theft of customer data. This time the victim of this attack can fall to players using the platform, which probably hackers hacked.

A potential hacker reported that a password reset on his Origin account was received at the end of last week. Having investigated the case, it turned out that about 600 users of this digital platform had leaked to the network, including email addresses, passwords, birthdays, and a list of their games. From what we know so far, data from accounts whose names begin with letters A through F. have leaked.

Electronic Arts has already issued a statement in which it assures that user safety is a priority for the company. He also claims that the user base is well protected and has the potential to break into it.

It is difficult to say whether the security of the EA servers has been compromised, or whether it has broken into one of its partners. However, this is not the first such case. In December last year, Reddit reported unauthorized purchases and other changes related to Origin accounts. The publisher argued at the time that after the investigation, he found no evidence that could indicate a burglary.

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