LGM nuclear missile tests

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If you have ever thought about the end of the world for various strange and unreasonable reasons (asteroids, calendars, or UFO invasion), then it is better to see what we hold in our backyard (actually they are Americans). Interstitial, multi-head ballistic missile LGM-118A Peacekeeper, we have pictures of their tests, if ever we will be able to see live such a view, it means that the end is close.

One such missile easily destroys a small country, with 10 independent nuclear warheads of 300 kiloton each, easily turning into dust in the top 10 cities (a bomb dropped on Hiroshima had a power of 13 kt). I think everyone is able to imagine what paralysis would bring in our (or any country’s) destruction of the largest cities, even by omitting the huge number of victims.

Under the Disarmament Treaty, the Americans withdrew their missiles in 2005 (and had 50) from their nuclear arsenal. Up to now, there is no official information that the more powerful weapon that would be in the possession of the US, which of course does not mean it is not. Withdrawal of this weapon can not calm anyone in any way, because the Russians of this type of rocket thrown into the dumpster are not going to, they will soon probably something more for you.

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