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About Sugarman-Frantz Designs

Sugarman-Frantz Designs started creating handcrafted jewelry in 1976, with the desire to design the finest in contemporary fine art jewelry.

"So many people compliment me on my Sugarman-Frantz Designs earrings. I love wearing them! I have people stop me in the street to ask me where they can purchase them."
P.S. - Hawaii

Sugarman-Frantz Designs continues to meet the needs of the most discerning clientele worldwide.

Our handcrafted gold jewelry is presently found in over 100 jewelry stores and galleries throughout the United States and the World.

Awards and Recognitions

Michael Sugarman received the Pearl International Design Contest Award in 1990.

Michael is a former President of the Contemporary Design Group, an organization with over 200 designer members who show at the largest wholesale jewelry shows in America and around the world.

Publications and Books

Michael Sugarman's fine art jewelry designs have been published in a variety of magazines as well as a variety of books including:


Sugarman-Frantz Designs shows at the Las Vegas JCK Show at the beginning of June each year as well as A.G.T.A. in Tuscan each February.

Sugarman-Frantz Designs
Toll Free: 1 (800) 444-5517

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