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  Contemporary Jewelry Designer

Michael Sugarman

Born 1950, Michael grew up in Northern California. It is hard to say what forms any of us, but it is certain that we grow in the soil that surrounds us.

Michael's childhood was spent in the post World War II suburbs of Santa Rosa, California.

His teenage years were the 60's, the era of surfing, hot rods, the Beach Boys, and the Beatles.

His first career was as a musician playing in rock and rock bands. In 1975 he took a job working for a goldsmith and found his true calling as a jewelry craftsman.

Michael brings a good deal of that music training to his jewelry work. The temperament that allows him to play scales for endless hours has served Michael well in the disciplined career of contemporary jewelry designer. The attention to subtle nuances of tone are not unlike the attention needed to create the finest detail in form. He says of his work, "I am drawn again and again to working with simple, sensual lines and hope each new work has a visual and physical poetry."

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