Radio waves will help to detect cosmic trash

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The garbage that surrounds our planet over the years pose an increasing threat, so researchers are working on ways to detect and track them. One of the interesting projects for the detection of space waste is the use of radio waves emitted by the radio.

In Australia a whole new Murchison Widefield Array was launched a few months ago to detect space objects smaller than 100 cm in diameter that could threaten orbiting satellites.

A network consisting of 2048 dipole double polarized antennas has been set up to receive waves reflected by objects that are up to a thousand kilometers away. The entire complex utilizes the FM waves broadcast by the world’s broadcasters, leaving the earthly atmosphere. The signal bounces off the larger trash and returns to Earth, where the radio telescope receives it.

This way, the exact position of the larger garbage is fixed and then tracked. This is very important because such cosmic waste can have a lot of mass and when they fall to the surface of our planet, they can do damage.

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