So LG welcomes visitors to the IFA 2016 Berlin

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At the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in Europe visitors will be attracted by hundreds of exhibitors, both small and giants. It is very likely that LG will make the biggest “first impression” of guests entering one of the exhibition halls.

Entering Hall 18 will pass through a tunnel whose walls are lined with 216 curved OLED screens measuring 55 inches each, capable of displaying nearly half a billion pixels. The installation is 5 m high, 7.4 m wide and 15 m long and features a specially prepared for this occasion, lasting about 3 minutes, a clip from “From Black to Black”, which consists of gorgeous shots of the northern lights over Iceland, flowing Jellyfish or whale and space.

14 cameras were used to prepare the video, so as the creators say, give the smallest detail and move as accurately as possible.

The tunnel was built by combining ultra-thin, extremely flexible and lightweight OLED screens, which, thanks to its innovative design, can be bent in any way to create concave or convex forms while preserving image quality. What’s more, thanks to the use of organic LEDs, each pixel of the OLED screen is a light source, depending on the scene displayed, may turn on or off.

“This year has been 50 years since LG produced its first TV. The tunnel presented at the IFA was designed to celebrate this milestone as another milestone – the era of OLED TVs, “says Brian Kwon, president of LG Home Entertainment Company. “Guests of our stand offer unprecedented experiences connected with the revolutionary possibilities of mapping reality. We believe that OLED screens will delight the IFA participants by presenting infinitely deep black and extremely contrasting and realistic colors, regardless of angle of view. “