Sony drops its OLED technology

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The Japanese company has so far been the only one offering OLED TVs. True, their prices were cosmic, but the fact is that you can buy them. However, now that other manufacturers have announced their entry into this technology, Sony is backing it out.

About four years ago, Sony was the only company to offer OLED TVs. Their price was not low, but the fact is that the Japanese concern did not have any competition in this field. Good times are coming to an end, and at CES, our own OLED TVs will show Samsung and LG, so Sony will no longer be the only company with such screens in its offerings.

Apparently Sony has recognized that there is no chance of clashing with such giants, especially since its consumer electronics division has been losing itself for years. So it announced that it would retire from consumer OLED TVs, though it would probably continue to provide screens for products such as smartphones and portable players.

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