The creator of Google car works for Uber

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Anthony Levandowski is a key figure for the development of autonomous vehicle technology. A few years ago, a graduate of the University of Berkley, DARPA developed a self-stabilizing autonomous motorbike in a competition developed by DARPA. Shortly thereafter, he founded the startup 510 Systems, which was quickly acquired by Google, while Levandowski began designing autonomous cars.

Collaboration with Google has recently ended, and Levandowski, along with Li Ron, former Google Maps head, has set up a new startup called Otto. He continued his work on autonomous vehicle technologies, however, with a slightly larger caliber as he focused on trucking. The founders, however, have not long enjoyed the new company, as Uber has just taken over.

Uber paid $ 680 million for Otto, and although the startup took place in July, it was only now that information came to light. The amount is substantial given the fact that the company exists for less than a year and has less than a hundred employees.

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