What will be the Galaxy S10?

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The flagship series of Korean manufacturers is home to many innovative solutions. Recently, the development of mobile equipment has gone only toward better resolution displays, faster processors and more sophisticated cameras. It seems, however, that we will soon see a lot more revolution – a teaser of changes is the Galaxy S6 Edge line with screens bent on two sides.

Many people, looking at modern smartphones, can not even imagine what else could change in them. In our opinion, the biggest field of interest is the screens – they can contribute to even greater device mobility and also completely change the way they interact with them. The Samsung Display apparently seems to be working on a really interesting technology. What will be the Galaxy S10 display?

Let’s start with the most obvious thing, or resolution. Samsung has confirmed that it is preparing several 11K resolution displays, or about 11264×6336 pixels. Such panels would allow us to see the effect resembling 3D without headaches and the need to wear glasses. They would also be great for virtual reality. Already on the market, we find the Gear VR helmet for the Galaxy S6, and now it delivers truly great sensations. 11K would make us really immersed in a computer-generated world, which due to the infrequent number of details would not differ at first glance from reality. Prototypes of 11K screens will be ready in 2018. Galaxy S10 launches are expected in 2019. Who knows, maybe we will see in it just such a display?

It is also possible that the Galaxy S10 will fit in your pocket much easier than the smartphones we use today. All thanks to the screens folded in half, which are scheduled to make their debut in 2016. Should the return of the golden era of flip phone? Imagine a tiny device that, when unfolded, offers us a 6 “diagonal display – we look forward to baking on our faces! As far as we know, at the moment Samsung is the first and only manufacturer to invest in this interesting solution. We suspect, however, that others will follow.

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If the 11K display with 3D effect will not make it to the Galaxy S10 debut, the Korean producer will console us with maybe … holograms. The recently published patent application of the concern represents the idea of ​​a smartphone, which displays holographic elements such as notifications, icons and even characters in games. For this purpose Samsung plans to use a special light emitting module located under the display. Imagine how impressive this solution will be.

There is no doubt that the power of smartphones will also improve in the coming years. Already the top models are very efficient and capable of performing complicated tasks. Samsung wants to use this, providing the ability to change the phone into a full-fledged laptop. This year’s giant patent describes a docking station with a screen and keyboard, which when connected to a smartphone would offer users the functionality of a notebook. Interestingly, it could run both under Android and Windows. From this level of hybrids we would have access to all the files stored in Galaxy S10 memory as well as to the network via LTE. The phone screen would serve as an additional display and, if needed, a touchpad as well.